kugelmann: pioneering solutions with attention to detail

Integrated product development kugelmann: entirely in-house development

We do not exaggerate when we say that we are different. As a medium-sized company with a long tradition in machine engineering, we have maintained our position on the market for more than 60 years and are constantly developing new products and product optimizations. With our broad business area from municipal technology to laser technology, we have a solid base even in times of crisis. Sweeping suction combinations, lawn care, snow ploughs, spreaders, laser cabins or safety enclosures - quality and a high competence in providing solutions from one single source is our strength. In addition to our in-house construction department, we also have our own electronics laboratory.

The municipal machines including electronic control systems, hydraulic systems, mechanics and coverings are completely developed and manufactured at our premises in Germany. Our high level of integration and our modern production facilities allow the rapid production of small and large series at a reasonable price. The high quality of our products is the result of a modern steel and sheet metal processing directly on site as well as of our corporate philosophy to process only high-quality raw materials and to produce only on demand.


With the K-BASIC 2, kugelmann has managed to launch a control system reduced to the most essential. As an interface between operator and machine, the control system combines intuitive operation and precise spreading technology. Despite the high tech solution with intelligent feedback and control function, the K-BASIC 2 is easily understandable and its use quickly becomes routine. You have everything under control without compromising on your work. The control system works entirely path-dependent. This means an economical and efficient use of spreading material.

A unique feature of our spreaders is the infinite adjustment of spreading width and spreading pattern.


The control system K-TRONIC 2 leaves nothing to be desired. Based on the K-BASIC 2, the K-TRONIC 2 offers several special functions as for example a data recording feature for archiving of spreading data or GPS data. These data can be imported into software systems of different manufacturers or may be processed.

This is not all, however: choose your infinitely variable spread width or adjust the spread pattern in an asymmetric way, e.g. for spreading along the kerbside and mix your spreading material in any proportion.

Spreading technologyInnovation that matters

We have been building spreaders since 1989 - with the highest quality requirements from the beginning. Over the past decades, the kugelmann spreading technology has been continuously improved and perfected.

Through the exact and consistent lateral distribution of spreading material, we reach a homogenous spreading pattern. This means reliable spreading and thus road safety.

From a 200 l up to a 7000 l spreader, our modular system offers the entire spectrum. Whether one-chamber or two-chamber with or without brine, additional hydraulic unit, high-end control unit or a simple basis version - we configure your spreading machine according to your vehicle, your requirements and desires.


A unique feature of our spreaders is the infinitely adjustable spread pattern – even more convenient by means of electronic adjustment or even through dynamic stabilisation of the spread pattern. Due to its special shaping, the chute is completely closed and is also protected against splash water in the outlet area. Choose your infinitely variable spread width or adjust the spread pattern in an asymmetric way, e.g. for spreading along the kerbside and mix your spreading material in any proportion.